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WireBear InfoPath Printer

Adds a print button to the ribbon for InfoPath List Display Forms in SharePoint 2010. Here's the full introduction on my blog:

What it Does:

List forms in SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise can be replaced with InfoPath forms. This allows extensive display control, validation and customization that you don't get with the standard forms and can be difficult to achieve with SharePoint Designer. Unfortunately, there are a few things not included in these browser based forms. One of those is simple printing.

Often you will design a nice looking display view for your form that nicely summarizes a list item. Wouldn't it be great if the user could hit print? Now they can!

Bottom Line:

It adds a Print button to the Ribbon when viewing list items that use an InfoPath Form:


The final printout only shows the form (No Ribbon, No Header, No Footer, No Quicklaunch, etc.)


  • Deploys as a solution
    • Automatically backed up and restored with your farm backups
    • Easily removable
    • Can target specific Web Applications
  • Integrates with the SharePoint User Interface (Ribbon)
  • Uses standard SharePoint APIs
    • Custom Actions and JavaScript
    • No dependence on any third party library

How it Works

The button is added using Custom Action XML that is deployed as a feature in the solution. The XML is targeted to allow the button to only be present when Viewing a List Item using an InfoPath Browser based List Form.

When you click the button, standard JavaScript is executed to find the InfoPath div element on the page and to copy the form's HTML into a new window (along with all standard CSS/script references already present) and uses the browser's page printing. Once the print dialog closes, so does the window.

The print button icon is taken directly from Microsoft Office 2010

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